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Chapter 8. Office of the Director
Subchapter 6. Department of Industrial Relations - Prevailing Wage Hearings
Article 6. Decisions of the Director

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§17264. Request for Participation by Director in Judicial Review Proceeding.

Although the Director should be named as the Respondent in any action seeking judicial review of a final decision, the Director ordinarily will rely upon the Parties to the hearing (as Petitioner and Real Party in Interest) to litigate the correctness of the final decision in the writ proceeding and on any appeal. The Director may participate actively in proceedings raising issues that specifically concern the Director's authority under the statutes and regulations governing the payment of prevailing wages on public work contracts, or the validity of related laws, regulations, or the Director's decisions as to public works coverage or generally applicable prevailing wage rates. Any Party may request the Director to file a response in the action by including a separate written request with any court pleading being served on the Director in accordance with Rule 62(d) [Section 17262(d)]. Any such separate written request should specify briefly what issues are raised by the petition that extend beyond the facts of the case and warrant the Director's participation.

NOTE: Authority cited: sections 55, 59, 1742(b), and 1773.5, Labor Code. Reference: section 1094.5, Code of Civil Procedure and section 1742(c), Labor Code.


1. New section filed 1-15-2002; operative 1-15-2002 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2002, No. 3).

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