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Chapter 8. Office of the Director
Subchapter 4. Awarding Body Labor Compliance Programs
Article 1. Applicable Dates for Enforcement of Awarding Body Labor Compliance Programs

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§16421. Composition and Components of Labor Compliance Program - Appendix A

Suggested Checklist of Labor Law Requirements to Review at Prejob Conference,
Section 16421,with suggested Certification by subcontractor.

The federal and state labor law requirements applicable to the contract are composed of but not limited to the following items:
(1) The contractor's duty to pay prevailing wages under Labor Code Section 1770 et seq., should the project exceed the exemption amounts;

(2) The contractor's duty to employ registered apprentices on the public works project under Labor Code Section 1777.5;

(3) The penalties for failure to pay prevailing wages (for non-exempt projects) and employ apprentices including forfeitures and debarment under Labor Code Sections 1775 and 1777.7;

(4) The requirement to keep and submit copies upon request of certified payroll records under Labor Code Section 1776, and penalties for failure to do so under Labor Code Section 1776(g);

(5) The prohibition against employment discrimination under Labor Code Section 1777.6; the Government Code, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964;

(6) The prohibition against accepting or extracting kickback from employee wages under Labor Code Section 1778;

(7) The prohibition against accepting fees for registering any person for public work under Labor Code Section 1779; or for filling work orders on public works under Labor Code Section 1780;

(8) The requirement to list all subcontractors under Public Contracts Code Section 4104;

(9) The requirement to be properly licensed and to require all subcontractors to be properly licensed and the penalty for employing workers while unlicensed under Labor Code Section 1021 and under the California Contractors License Law, found at Business and Professions Code Section 7000 et seq;

(10) The prohibition against unfair competition under Business and Professions Code Sections 17200-17208;

(11) The requirement that the contractor be properly insured for Workers Compensation under Labor Code Section 1861;

(12) The requirement that the contractor abide by the Occupational, Safety and Health laws and regulations that apply to the particular construction project;

(13) The federal prohibition against hiring undocumented workers, and the requirement to secure proof of eligibility/citizenship from all workers.

(14) The requirement to provide itemized wage statements to employees under Labor Code Section 226.


I acknowledge that I have been informed and am aware of the foregoing requirements and that I am authorized to make this certification on behalf of [name of subcontractor].

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