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Chapter 8. Office of the Director
Subchapter 3. Payment of Prevailing Wages upon Public Works
Article 6. Certified Payroll Records: Requests, Content, and Cost

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§16403. Privacy Considerations.

(a) Records received from the employing contractor shall be kept on file in the office or entity that processed the request for at least 6 months following completion and acceptance of the project. Thereafter, they may be destroyed unless administrative, judicial or other pending litigation, including arbitration, mediation or other methods of dispute resolution, are in process. Copies on file shall not be obliterated in the manner prescribed in subdivision (b) below;

(b) copies provided to the public upon written request shall be marked, obliterated or provided in such a manner that the name, address and Social Security number, and other private information pertaining to each employee cannot be identified. All other information including identification of the contractor shall not be obliterated;

(c) the public entity may affirm or deny that a person(s) was or is employed on a public works contract (by a specific contractor) when asked, so long as the entity requires such information of an identifying nature which will reasonably preclude release of private or confidential information.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 54, 1773.5 and 1776, Labor Code. Reference: Section 1776, Labor Code.

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