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Chapter 8. Office of the Director
Subchapter 3. Payment of Prevailing Wages upon Public Works
Article 6. Certified Payroll Records: Requests, Content, and Cost

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§16400. Request for Payroll Records.

(a) Requests may be made by any person for certified copies of payroll records. Requests shall be made to any of the following:

(1) the body awarding the contract, or

(2) any office of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, or the Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

(b) Requests for certified copies of payroll records pursuant to Section 1776 of the Labor Code may be made by any person. However, any such request shall be in writing and contain at least the following information:

(1) The body awarding the contract;

(2) The contract number and/or description;

(3) The particular job location if more than one;

(4) The name of the contractor;

(5) The regular business address, if known.

NOTE: Requests for records of more than one contractor of subcontractor must list the information regarding that contractor individually, even if all requests pertain to the same particular public works project. Blanket requests covering an entire public works project will not be accepted; unless contractor and subcontractor responsibilities regarding the project are not clearly defined.

(c) Acknowledgment of Request. The public entity receiving a request for payroll records shall acknowledge receipt of such, and indicate the cost of providing the payroll records based on an estimate by the contractor, subcontractor or public entity. The acknowledgment of the receipt of said request for payroll records may be accomplished by the public entity's furnishing a copy of its written correspondence requesting certified copies of the payroll records sent to the specific contractor pursuant to Section 16400(d) below, to the person who requested said records.

(d) Request to Contractor. The request for copies of payroll records by the requesting public entity shall be in any form and/or method which will assure and evidence receipt thereof. The request shall include the following:

(1) Specify the records to be provided and the form upon which the information is to be provided;

(2) Conspicuous notice of the following:

(A) that the person certifying the copies of the payroll records is, if not the contractor, considered as an agent acting on behalf of the contractor; and

(B) that failure to provide certified copies of the records to the requesting public entity within 10 working days of the receipt of the request will subject the contractor to a penalty of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars per calendar day or portion thereof for each worker until strict compliance is effectuated;

(3) Cost of preparation as provided in Section 16402; and

(4) Provide for inspection.

(e) Inspection of Payroll Records. Inspection of the original payroll records at the office of the contractor(s) pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 1776 of the Labor Code shall be limited to the public entities upon reasonable written or oral notice.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 54, 1773.5 and 1776, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 1773.5 and 1776, Labor Code.

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