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Chapter 8. Office of the Director
Subchapter 3. Payment of Prevailing Wages upon Public Works
Article 4. Wage Determinations

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§16203. Format.

(a) All determinations made by the Director of the general prevailing rate of per diem wages for a particular craft, classification, or type of worker will separately specify each of the following components:

(1) The prevailing basic straight-time hourly wage rate.

(2) The following statement when applicable: "In accordance with Labor Code Section 1773, holidays upon which the prevailing hourly wage rate for holiday work shall be paid shall be all holidays recognized in the collective bargaining agreement applicable to the particular craft, classification or type of workers employed on the project, which is on file with the Director of Industrial Relations."

(3) The prevailing employer payments for benefits included in the general prevailing rate of per diem wages pursuant to Section 1773.1 of the Labor Code and enumerated in Section 16000 of these regulations.

(4) The following statement when applicable. "The contractor shall make travel and subsistence payments to each worker needed to execute the work, as such travel and subsistence payments are defined in the applicable collective bargaining agreements filed with the Director of Industrial Relations in accordance with Labor Code Section 1773.8."

(b) Where the prevailing employer payment for any benefit is expressed in a formula or method of payment other than an hourly rate the Director may convert the rate to an hourly rate whenever such action would facilitate the administration of the law.

(c) The applicability of the apprentice rate of per diem wages shall be indicated and furnished upon request.

(d) The dates between which the applicable rate shall be paid for work performed in those periods shall be indicated.

(e) As a supplement to each determination the Director shall make available to any awarding body upon request, a list of all holidays recognized and the provision for travel and subsistence payments, taken from the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1773.5, Labor Code. Reference: Section 1773.5, Labor Code.

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