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Chapter 8. Office of the Director Subchapter 2.06. Workers' Compensation-Administration Revolving Fund Assessment, Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund Assessment, Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund Assessments, Fraud Surcharge and Cal-OSHA Targeted Inspection Assessment

Article 3. Collection of Assessments and/or Surcharges

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§15607. Collection of Revolving Fund Assessment and Fraud Surcharge from Insured Employers.

(a) Every insurer shall collect the Revolving Fund Assessment, Subsequent Injuries Fund Assessment, Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund Assessment, Occupational Safety and Health Fund Assessment, Uninsured Employers Fund Assessment, and Fraud Surcharge required by this article and Labor Code Sections 62.5 and 62.6, respectively, from each employer insured by it by applying a separate charge to all workers' compensation insurance policies issued by such insurer with an inception date in the year beginning January 1 after the determinations required by Sections 15601 and 15601.5 of these regulations. The amount of the assessment and surcharge shall be determined by multiplying the insured employer's estimated annual assessable premium by the assessment factors determined by the Director pursuant to subsection (a) of section 15603. The assessment factors in effect on the inception date of the policy shall be used to calculate the separate charges relative to that policy, including any additional or return premium.

(b) The respective amounts of the Revolving Fund Assessment, Subsequent Injuries Fund Assessment, Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund Assessment, Occupational Safety and Health Fund Assessment, Uninsured Employers Fund Assessment, and Fraud surcharge shall each be rounded to the nearest whole dollar, and be respectively shown in the policy as "Workers' Compensation Administration Revolving Fund Assessment (amount)," "Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund Assessment (amount)," "Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund Assessment (amount)," "Occupational Safety and Health Fund Assessment (amount)," "Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund Assessment (amount)," and "State Fraud Surcharge (amount)".

(c) Commencing with policies effective on and after January 1, 1993, the insured employer's separate charges calculated under subsection (a) above shall be collected in full with the initial payment of assessable premium. If additional premium becomes due under the policy, the final amount of the separate charges shall be adjusted with the final premium bill for the policy. In the case of a retrospective rated policy, the respective assessment and/or surcharge should be applied to the policy premium at issuance, with recalculation at audit, and application of the factors to any retrospective adjustment premium.

(d) Notwithstanding the requirements of this Section, an insurer may elect not to bill an insured employer for the assessments and surcharge for the additional premium due under the policy if the amount of the additional assessments or surcharge does not exceed $10.00. In the event a return premium is due the employer, the insurer shall return a pro rata share of assessments and surcharge previously paid by the employer unless the assessments and surcharge overpayment does not exceed $10.00.

(e) A self-insurer whose certificate has been revoked during the base year or during the calendar year prior to the current assessments and/or surcharge billing by the Manager shall be exempt from payment of the assessments and/or surcharge as a self-insurer.

(f) If an employer has paid the assessments and/or surcharge as a self-insured employer, and during the year of such assessment and/or surcharge obtains a policy of workers' compensation insurance, the newly insured employer is not required to make assessments and/or surcharge payments as an insured employer for that year's assessments and/or surcharge. Such an employer shall submit to the insurer a copy of the assessments and/or surcharge billing paid as a self-insured employer, in lieu of payment as an insured employer.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 54, 55 and 62.5, Labor Code; and Section 1872.83, Insurance Code. Reference: Sections 62.5 and 62.6, Labor Code; and Section 1872.83, Insurance Code.

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