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Chapter 8. Office of the Director Subchapter 2.06. Workers' Compensation-Administration Revolving Fund Assessment, Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund Assessment, Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund Assessments, Fraud Surcharge and Cal-OSHA Targeted Inspection Assessment

Article 3. Collection of Assessments and/or Surcharges

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§15606. Collection of Advances Against Insured Employers.

(a) Not later than December 1 of each year, the Director shall notify each workers' compensation insurer, of the amounts due from the insurer on behalf of its policyholders for, respectively, the Revolving Fund Assessment, Subsequent Injuries Fund Assessment, Uninsured Employers Fund Assessment, Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund Assessment, Occupational Safety and Health Fund Assessment, and the Fraud Surcharge levied pursuant to the authority of Labor Code Sections 62.5 and 62.6 and these regulations. The notice shall include a bill that sets forth separately the total amounts of the assessments and the surcharge.

(b) The Insurer advances against the Revolving Fund Assessment, Subsequent Injuries Fund Assessment, Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund Assessment, Occupational Safety and Health Fund Assessment, Uninsured Employers Fund Assessment, and Fraud Surcharge amounts shall be calculated by multiplying the insurer's California direct written workers' compensation premium as reported in the most recent year's financial statement on file with the Insurance Commissioner, multiplied by the ratio of the expected total current year premium to the total direct written workers' compensation premium of all insurers as reported in the latest year's annual financial statements on file with the Insurance Commissioner by the respective factors determined pursuant to subsection (a) of Section 15603 of these regulations.

(c) Where the amount of the assessments or surcharge owed is less than $5.00 the Director may elect not to bill the insurer therefor.

(d) Each insurer shall pay to the Director one half of the amounts billed under subsection (a) on behalf of its insured employers on or before the following January 1. Each insurer shall pay the balance of the assessments and surcharge to the Director on the following April 1.

(e) Upon agreement of the affected insurers, the Director may elect to consolidate in one billing the assessments and surcharge of all insured employers that are insured by insurers under the same management, direction and control.

(f) In the event the Director collects advances from insurers in excess of the total assessments and surcharge due from insured employers in the (1) Revolving Fund Assessment; (2) Subsequent Injuries Fund Assessment; (3) Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund Assessment; (4) Occupational Safety and Health Fund Assessment; (5) Uninsured Employers Fund Assessment; and/or (6) Fraud Surcharge, the excess funds shall be held by the Director in a trust account and credited to the subsequent year's total respective assessments and surcharge on insured employers.

(g) Commencing with the assessment payment due April 1, 1993, the insurer shall submit a summary report on a form provided by the Director, which includes the following information: (1) the total amount of assessments and surcharges billed insured employers by the insurer; (2) the respective factors used by the insurer in assessing and surcharging insured employers.

(h) The summary report due April 1, 1993 shall include the information specified in this subsection for all workers' compensation insurance policies with an inception date between August 1, 1990 and December 31, 1991. Commencing April 1, 1994, the summary report shall include the information specified in this subsection for all workers' compensation insurance policies with an inception date in the next preceding calendar years.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 54, 55 and 62.5, Labor Code; and Section 1872.83, Insurance Code. Reference: Sections 62.5 and 62.6, Labor Code; and Section 1872.83, Insurance Code.

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