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Chapter 6. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 7. Industrial Homework

Article 2. Prohibiting Industrial Homework in the Garment Manufacturing Industry

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§13622. Special Authorization for Aged and Disabled Homeworkers.

(a) Terms of Issuance. If not inconsistent with the purposes of Part 10, Labor Code, employers and homeworkers in the garment manufacturing industry may be granted special homework permits and certificates on condition that the Chief of the Division of Industrial Welfare, after investigation, finds:

(1) That the industrial homeworker was working for an employer as an industrial homeworker in the garment manufacturing industry on or prior to September 1, 1941, and is:

(A) Unable to adjust to factory work because of advanced age; or

(B) Physically or mentally disabled or suffering from an injury and an examination by a physician, designated by the Chief of the Division of Industrial Welfare, reveals that such disability would prevent the worker from adjusting to factory employment; or

(C) Unable to leave home because such worker's services are essential to care for an invalid in the home.

(2) That the industrial homeworker is covered by workmen's compensation insurance;

(3) That the employer maintains a factory in which one or more employees are employed on operations which are similar to the homework operations.

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