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Chapter 6. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 7. Industrial Homework

Article 1. Enforcement of Industrial Homework Act

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§13600. Definitions.

Employee means anyone engaged, suffered, or permitted to do industrial homework. It shall be the presumption that persons working in their homes for remuneration on articles to be delivered to another person not for his (her) personal or his (her) family's use are employees and not independent contractors.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 2666, Labor Code. Reference: Section 2650, Labor Code.


1. Renumbering of former Chapter 5 (Articles 1.5 and 2, Sections 11008-11024, not consecutive) to Chapter 6 (Articles 1 and 2, Sections 13600-13624, not consecutive) filed 3-15-84; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 84, No. 11). For prior history, see Register 54, No. 17 and Register 9.

2. Editorial reprinting of Group 7 inadvertently omitted during Register 84, No. 11 printing process (Register 84, No. 23).

3. Amendment filed 5-27-87; operative 6-26-87 (Register 87, No. 24).

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