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Chapter 6. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 3. Employment Agencies

Article 2. Controversies Submitted Under Section 1700.44, Labor Code

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§12024. Service of Copy of Petition on Other Party to the Controversy.

No petition to determine controversy heretofore or hereafter commenced shall be further prosecuted, and no further proceedings shall be had therein, and all petitions to determine controversies heretofore or hereafter commenced must be dismissed by the Labor Commissioner on his own motion, or on the motion of any party interested therein, whether named in the petition as party or not, unless petition be served and return thereon made within one year after the filing of said petition. But all such petitions may be prosecuted if general appearance has been made in said proceedings by the respondent within said one year in the same manner as if said petition had been served; provided that no dismissal shall be had under this section as to any respondent because of the failure to serve the petition on him during his absence from the State, or while he has secreted himself within the State to prevent the service of said petition on him.


Authority cited: Section 1700.29, Labor Code. Reference: Section 1700.44, Labor Code.


1. New NOTE filed 7-20-89; operative 8-19-89 (Register 89, No. 30). For prior history, see Register 84, No. 11.

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