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Chapter 6. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 3. Employment Agencies

Article 1. General Rules and Regulations for Artists' Managers

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§12000. Application.

Application for the original license shall be made upon the form prescribed by the Labor Commissioner and shall contain the following information:

(a) The proposed business name of the talent agency, which may not be identical or similar to that of another licensed talent agency.

(b) The proposed places of business and the main office address of the talent agency in California, which address shall also be its mailing address for purposes of notice required by these regulations and provisions of the Labor Code or any other applicable statute.

(c) If applicant is not a corporation, names and addresses of all persons who are financially interested either as partners, associates, profit sharers, or employees or other persons receiving as compensation a share of the net profits from the operation of the talent agency; said application shall also show the share of said net profit each person is to receive.

(d) If the applicant is a corporation, the following information must be shown: name, address and title of the persons acting as executive officers of the corporation who have managing responsibility in California.

(e) If applicant is not a corporation, questions must be answered as to each person or profit sharer listed in the application as having a financial interest in or the right to share in the net profits of the talent agency (1) regarding his business or occupation for the preceding five (5) years; (2) whether or not such person or profit sharer has ever been associated in any capacity in the operation or business of a talent agency; (3) whether or not such person has had a talent agency license or any license or permit issued by any agency of the State of California revoked, suspended, or refused, or any disciplinary action taken with respect to any such license or permit; (4) whether or not such person has been convicted of a crime except for minor traffic violations.

(f) In the case of an application by a corporation, the foregoing information must be submitted by the executive officers acting in a managerial capacity for or on behalf of the corporation within the State of California.

(g) Application, if by an individual, must be signed, giving full name; if by partnership, must be signed by all partners; if by a corporation, must be signed by an officer of the corporation, affixing the seal of the corporation thereto.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1700.29, Labor Code. Reference: Section 1700.6, Labor Code.


1. Renumbering of former Article 6 to Article 1, repealer of former Section 12000, and renumbering and amendment of former Section 12000.1 to Section 12000 filed 7-20-89; operative 8-19-89 (Register 89, No. 30). For prior history, see Registers 84, No. 11 and 70, No. 8.

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