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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 4. General Mobile Equipment and Auxiliaries
Article 35. Amusement Rides

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Appendix 1

Amusement Ride Inspection Fee Schedule

NOTE: The following fee schedule adopted by the Division of Industrial Safety is reprinted from Chapter 3.2, Group 2, Title 8, California Administrative Code, solely for informational purposes. Should any discrepancy exist between this reprinting and the regulations of Chapter 3.2, then Chapter 3.2 shall prevail.

344.10.* Amusement Ride Inspection Fee Schedule.

(a) The following fees will be charged by the Division for inspections of and services rendered in connection with amusement rides by safety engineers employed by the Division.

(1) Original certificate of inspection--$15.00.

(2) Modification of original design which results in revised certificate of inspection--$15.00.

(3) Annual reinspection permit--$15.00.

(4) Inspection of altered or materially changed rides--$12.00 per hour or any fraction thereof.

(5) Investigation of accidents resulting in major damage to ride-- $12.00 per hour or any fraction thereof.

(6) Investigation of fatal, dismembering, or disabling injury occurring to a member of the public--$12.00 per hour or any fraction thereof.

(7) Other inspections and investigations--no charge.


1. New Appendix 1 filed 3-29-78; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 78, No. 13).

* Reprint from Chapter 3.2, Group 2, Title 8 (Register 77, No. 49).

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