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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 35. Mine Shafts

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§7116. Hoisting While Sinking or Enlarging Shaft.

(a) In order to protect men working below the shaft conveyance, only first-class hoists shall be used to hoist or lower men or materials through any shaft or winze which is being deepened or enlarged.

This is not intended to prohibit the material hoist from auxiliary use, such as lifting equipment from the hoist conveyance, raising timbers into place, and similar work, when such use is confined to the immediate area of the working place. When a material hoist is used, no one shall be permitted under the suspended load.

(b) (19-77) When the shaft conveyance is lowered to the working place, it shall be stopped at least 15 feet above the working place and shall be held there until a further signal is given by the shaft workers.

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