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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 30. Rescue Stations and Equipment Underground

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§7085. (4-67) (4-69). Mine Rescue Training and Procedure.

(a) Each mine required by Section 7083 (a) to have a mine rescue station or to be a member of a cooperative mine rescue station shall have at least 10 men trained annually in the use of permissible breathing apparatus as recommended by the U.S. Bureau of Mines.

A mine which is a member of a cooperative mine rescue station and which has fewer than 50 men underground at one time shall have trained annually in the use of breathing apparatus at least 1 man for each 10 underground employees or fraction thereof.

(b) At mines that are required to have men who are trained in the use of permissible breathing apparatus, at least 5 men shall practice with the apparatus each month, said practice to include work in an irrespirable atmosphere for at least 30 minutes. Five other men shall be trained the following month. Additional men should be trained. Where it is desirable to do so, 10 men may be trained every 2 months, instead of training 5 men each month.

All men designated to take this training shall be given a careful physical examination, and no man physically unfit for the work shall be allowed to take the training.

(c) Where practical, not more than 50 percent of the regular mine rescue crew shall be regularly employed underground at one time.

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