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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 26. Emergency Plan

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§7076. (4-50) (11-53). Fire and Safety Diagram.

(a) A diagram of the mine shall be provided showing the location of:

(1) Principal levels

(2) Shafts

(3) Tunnels

(4) Manways

(5) Escape routes

(6) Fire doors

(7) Fire extinguisher

(8) Water and air lines available for fighting fire

(9) Telephones

(10) Refuge stations

(11) Ventilation doors

(12) Direction of air flow

(b) The diagram shall be brought up to date at least once every six months. It need not show boundary lines, outlines of ore bodies, or other details not essential for the safety of employees.

(c) Easily legible copies of the fire and safety diagram shall be kept posted on the surface near the mine entrance most frequently used by the men and at every working station in the mine.

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