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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 18. Conveyors and Tramways

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§7035. Aerial Tramway.


(a) (10-8b) Every aerial tramway, the operation of which requires the presence of employees at both ends of the tramway, shall be provided with direct connected telephone or other equally ready means of quick communication.

(b) (10-8d) No employees, except maintenance and repair men designated by the employer, shall be permitted to ride on any aerial tramway unless such tramway was designed for transportation of passengers.

(c) (10-8c) Tramways used for transportation of employees shall be provided with suitable stand-by power for emergency use, and a safe conveyance for employees to ride in.

(d) (10-7) Working areas under tramways shall be guarded by a substantial roof or other adequate protection against falling buckets or falling materials.

(e) (10-8a) The hoisting equipment and hoisting practices for inclined tramlines over which employees are transported shall be in compliance with the Aerial Passenger Tram Safety Orders of the Division.

(f) (10-3) Any hazardous defects shall be corrected before the equipment is used.

(g) (10-9) Men shall not ride loaded buckets.

(h) (10-10) Where possible, aerial tramways shall not be started until the operator has ascertained that everyone is in the clear.

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