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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 17. Loading, Hauling, and Dumping

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§7025. Mine Trains--Equipment and Practices.


(a) Every new locomotive purchased after October 27, 1958 shall be equipped with some type of dead-man control that will shut off the power automatically when the operator leaves his compartment. Where practical, existing locomotives shall be equipped with such controls.

(b) Rerailing equipment shall be available and used to put derailed cars and locomotives on the track. It is recommended that rerailers and jacks be provided.

(c) Every locomotive when in motion shall continuously display a white light in the direction of travel which will provide sufficient illumination to make men or objects clearly visible at a distance of 100 feet in the direction in which the locomotive is traveling.

(d) Each train shall be equipped with a red taillight of sufficient intensity as to be clearly visible from a distance of 100 feet.

(e) A safe seat shall be provided for the operator of every locomotive. The seat shall be constructed so it will prevent the operator from accidentally slipping over the back or sides of the seat.

(f) To prevent runaway cars should a coupling part, the locomotive shall be operated on the downgrade end of the train, except:

(1) When transporting workers. (See Section 7038.)

(2) When transporting materials which cannot be pushed safely.

(3) When the construction of a locomotive is such that it seriously obstructs the operator's view of the roadway; in which case, the locomotive shall be placed ahead of the train with the seat end turned in the direction in which the locomotive is traveling.

(g) (9-45) Timber or similar material that extends over the side or end of a mine car shall be secured and positioned so that it will clear obstructions, especially when traveling around curves.

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