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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 17. Loading, Hauling, and Dumping

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§7012. Cranes, Draglines, Shovels, and Loading Devices.

(a) The control area for every crane or other lifting device, and for every power-driven shovel or loading device, shall be protected with a strong guard where there is danger from falling or flying materials.

(b) (9-11) All glass in the windows of the cab shall be safety glass of a type approved by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

(c) The crane, excavator, or loader shall be equipped with a signaling device that may be heard above the usual noises in the pit.

(d) When loading where there is a probability of dangerous slides, the wheels or treads of loading equipment, other than railroad shovels, shall be turned in the direction which will most facilitate escape in case of danger.

(e) (9-30) Employees shall not be permitted under suspended loads or buckets.

(f) (9-27) Any person desiring to go on board any shovel, crane, or dragline which is in operation shall first signal the operator of such equipment. He shall not go aboard until the operator stops the equipment and signals that it is safe to proceed.

(g) (9-5) The operator of any crane, dragline, shovel, or loader shall signal other persons in the vicinity before he begins operations or moves the equipment.

(h) The shovel, loader, dragline, or crane shall not be started to travel until it is first determined that the travel way is clear of persons and equipment.

(i) When equipment is traveling under its own power, the operator shall so turn his cab that he has clear vision in the direction of travel.

(j) (9-25) Where practicable, haulage vehicles shall be loaded in such way that the bucket or boom does not pass over the vehicle driver's position. If the bucket or boom has to pass over the driver's position, no loading shall be done until the driver is in a safe location away from his vehicle.

(k) (9-32) The crane, excavator, or loader shall not be left unattended until the load or bucket is lowered to the ground.

(l) (9-61) Stockpile and muckpile faces shall be trimmed to prevent hazards to personnel.

(m) (9-62) Rocks too large to be handled safely shall be broken before loading.

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