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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 26. Diving Operations
Article 153. Commercial Diving Operations

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§6062. Post Dive Procedures.

(a) General. The employer shall comply with the following requirements which are applicable after each diving operation, unless otherwise specified:

(1) After the completion of a day's diving the designated-person-in-charge shall observe the physical condition of each diver and shall conduct an interview regarding any physical problems or symptoms of decompression sickness.

(2) Advise the diver of the location of a decompression chamber which is ready for use; and

(3) Alert the diver to the potential hazards of flying after diving.

(b) Recompression Capability.

(1) A decompression chamber capable of recompressing the diver at the surface to a minimum of 165 fsw (6 ATA) shall be available at the dive location for:

(A) Surface-supplied air-diving to depths deeper than 100 fsw and shallower than 220 fsw;

(B) Mixed-gas diving shallower than 300 fsw; or

(C) Diving outside the no-decompression limits shallower than 300 fsw.

(2) A chamber capable of recompressing the diver at the surface to the maximum depth of the dive shall be available at the dive location for dives deeper than 300 fsw.

(3) The decompression chamber shall be:

(A) Dual-lock;

NOTE: Dual-lock is meant to include multi-lock components if each is large enough to transfer personnel and supplies into and out of the main compartment while it is pressurized. Medical locks do not meet the intent of this requirement. A diving bell or manned deep diving system capable of mating with a decompression chamber would meet this requirement.

(B) Multiplace; and

(C) Located within 5 minutes of the dive location.

(4) The decompression chamber shall be equipped with:

(A) A pressure gauge for each pressurized compartment designed for human occupancy;

(B) A built-in-breathing-system with a minimum of one mask per occupant;

(C) A two-way voice communication system between occupants and a dive team member at the dive location;

(D) A viewport; and

(E) Illumination capability to light the interior.

(5) Treatment Table. Treatment gas appropriate to the diving mode, and sufficient gas to conduct treatment shall be available at the dive location.

(6) A dive team member shall be available at the dive location during and for at least one hour after the dive to operate the decompression chamber (when required or provided).

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Amendment filed 12-8-86; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 86, No. 50).

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