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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 10. Gas Systems for Welding and Cutting
Article 82. Stationary Automatic Acetylene Generators

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§4804. Outside Generator Houses.

(a) No opening in any outside generator house shall be located within five feet of any opening in another house.

(b) Outside generator houses shall be of one of the types of fire resistant construction listed in Section 4805(b) or of non-combustible construction.

(c) Where a part of the house is to be used for the storage or manifolding of oxygen cylinders, the space to be so occupied shall be separated from the generator and carbide storage sections by partition walls continuous from floor to ceiling, of one of the types of construction listed in Section 4805(b). Such separation walls shall be without openings and shall be joined to the floor, other walls and ceiling or roof in such manner as to effect a permanently gas-tight joint.

(d) Explosion venting for outside generator houses and inside generator rooms shall be provided in exterior walls or roofs. The venting area shall be equal to but not less than 1 square foot per 50 cubic feet of room volume and shall not consist of any one or any combination of the following: Walls of light, non-combustible material preferably single-thickness, single-strength glass; fastened swinging doors in exterior walls opening outward; lightly fastened walls or roof designed to relieve at maximum pressure of 25 pounds per square foot.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Amendment filed 7-16-76; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 76, No. 29).

2. Amendment of subdivisions (b)-(d) filed 6-12-87; operative 7-12-87 (Register 87, No. 26).

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