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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 4. General Mobile Equipment and Auxiliaries
Article 35. Amusement Rides
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§3911. Assembly and Disassembly.

(a) Supervision. The assembly and disassembly of an amusement ride shall be done by or under the supervision of an authorized person.

(b) Quality of Assembly Work. Assembly work shall be performed in a proper and workmanlike manner.

(1) Parts shall be properly aligned, and shall not be bent, distorted, cut, or otherwise damaged in order to force a fit.

(2) Parts requiring lubrication shall be lubricated in course of assembly.

(3) Fastening and locking devices shall be installed where required for safe operation.

(4) Makeshift devices shall not be used.

(5) All bolts shall fit the fastening holes and be equipped with proper nuts and lock washers.

(6) Where openings are provided for cotter pins, such pins, properly designed for use, shall be used and properly spread.

(7) All junction boxes shall be kept locked while in use.

(8) Where "U" bolt clamps are used for wire rope attachments, at least 3 clamps shall be used with the "U" bolts on the short or "dead" end of the wire.

(c) Quality and Inspection of Parts. Parts excessively worn or materially damaged shall not be used.

(1) Close visual inspection of parts shall be made during assembly to discover such wear or damage and inspection of fastening devices shall be made after assembly and before the ride is placed in service to assure that they have been properly installed.

(2) Where welding on rides or component parts is required, such welding shall be done by an experienced, competent welder.

(d) Tools and Equipment. Persons engaged in the assembly or disassembly of amusement rides shall be provided with and shall use tools of proper size and design to enable the work to be done safely. Broken, damaged, and unsuitable tools shall not be used.

(e) Lighting of Work Area. Assembly and disassembly of amusement rides shall be conducted under at least 5 foot-candle illumination.

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