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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 4. General Mobile Equipment and Auxiliaries
Article 35. Amusement Rides
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§3907. Passenger-Carrying Rides.

(a) The interior and exterior parts of all passenger-carrying amusement rides with which a passenger may come in contact shall be smooth, free from sharp, rough, or splintered edges and corners, with no protruding studs, bolts, screws, or other projections. Interior parts upon which or against which a passenger may be forcibly thrown by the action of the ride shall be adequately padded.

(b) Rides that are self-powered and that are operated by passengers shall have the driving mechanism so guarded and the guards so secured in place as to prevent passengers from gaining access to the mechanism. The "Dodge-Em" type of ride shall have the overhead screening free from holes that will catch the power conducting device and allow it to hang-up or cause a whipping action of the device.

(c) Belts, bars, footrests, and other equipment necessary for safe entrance and exit and for support while the ride is in operation shall be provided and maintained in a safe condition. Such equipment and the fastenings shall be of sufficient strength to retain the passengers.

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