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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 3. General Plant Equipment and Special Operations
Article 13. Agricultural Operations

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§3458.1. Ladders Attached to Date Palms.
Field Sanitation Fact Sheet

(a) Ladders permanently attached to the date palm for access and egress during cultivation and harvesting activities shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Ladders shall be attached to the date palm trunk with a minimum of three 12-gauge galvanized wires fastened at the top, middle and bottom portion of the ladder. Ladders and fastenings shall be capable of supporting a minimum single concentrated live load of at least 250 pounds.

(2) In addition to the requirements of subsection (a)(1), a corrosion resistant steel safety chain shall be securely attached to the ladder rails below the top rung and around the crown of the palm tree.

(3) When more than one ladder is attached to the tree (i.e. when the ladders are used in tandem), they shall be connected to each other by a safety chain securely attaching the ladder rails above the lowest rung of the upper ladder to the ladder rails of the uppermost rung of the lower ladder and around the trunk.

(4) Not more than two ladder sections shall be permanently attached to a date palm.

(5) There shall be not more than one worker on a ladder attached to the date palm at any one time.

(6) Safety chains and related attachments shall maintain a safety factor of at least 10.

(7) Ladder rungs shall be spaced no more than 12 inches apart and shall be at least 12 inches long.

(8) The distance from the centerline of the ladder rung to the nearest permanent object shall be spaced to provide the user with a secure foothold on the rung.

(9) Individual ladders shall be no more than 15 feet in length.

(b) Use of date palm ladders shall be in accordance with the requirements of Section 3278 of these Safety Orders.

(c) Only metal ladders may be permanently attached to date palms.

Note: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. New section filed 10-3-2007; operative 11-2-2007 (Register 2007, No. 40).

2. Amendment of subsection (b) filed 12-8-2010; operative 1-7-2011 (Register 2010, No. 50).

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