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Subchapter 6.2. Permanent Amusement Ride Safety Orders
Article 2. Requirements, Other Than Recordkeeping and Transfer of Information, Applicable to All Permanent Amusement Rides

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§3195.7. Operation Procedures and Related Training.

(a) The owner or operator shall follow the operation procedures specified in the documentation required by Section 3195.3(a)(4) for each permanent amusement ride, and shall provide training as specified in that documentation to each ride operator and attendant.

(b) The owner or operator shall use effective signs, videos, or other similarly effective means of advising patrons of those instructions, limitations, restrictions, and warnings deemed necessary for patron safety by the owner or operator, including those maintained as part of the procedures required by Section 3195.3(a)(4)(D). When signs are used for this purpose, they shall be permanently and conspicuously posted at each applicable permanent amusement ride.

(c) At all times while the facility is open to the public, personnel shall be located around the facility who are trained and available to render first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). These personnel shall:

(1) Be in sufficient numbers to ensure they are readily available to render first aid and CPR to patrons as needed,

(2) Have current certification in first aid and CPR from the American Red Cross or another nationally recognized organization; and

(3) Have immediate access to first aid and CPR supplies that meet the requirements of Section 3400.

(d) Complete operation instructions for each permanent amusement ride shall be readily accessible to the operators and attendants of the ride.

(e) All ride operation and attendant functions shall be performed by an authorized person.


Authority cited: Sections 142.3 and 7923, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 142.3 and 7923, Labor Code.


1. New section filed 6-12-2003; operative 7-12-2003 (Register 2003, No. 24).

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