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Subchapter 6.2. Permanent Amusement Ride Safety Orders
Article 3. Aquatic Devices

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§3195.11. Operation and Maintenance.

(a) The operation procedures required by Section 3195.3(a)(4) shall be supplemented for aquatic devices with the following:

(1) Written emergency procedures including, but not necessarily limited to, each of the following:

(A) Procedures for cessation of operations to be followed where this is necessary to ensure patron safety in situations such as, but not necessarily limited to, a cutoff of the water supply or a power outage.

(B) Procedures for evacuating patrons from each aquatic device including the estimated evacuation time.

(C) Methods to direct the movement of patrons to safe areas and to keep them out of unsafe areas during emergency situations.

(D) Procedures for shutting off power, water, and pumps, and shutting off and turning on power-operated drains.

(2) The following instructions and procedures, provided with sufficient specificity to make them complete and effective:

(A) The staffing levels to be maintained during all times while the aquatic device is operating with patrons present. In determining the staffing level for an aquatic device, each of the following shall be considered:

1. The design and type of aquatic device.

2. The number of entrances to the loading platform.

3. The number of flumes and their proximity to each other.

4. The length of, and the duration of the patron's travel along, each flume.

5. The maximum patron capacity of the aquatic device by weight.

6. The maximum patron capacity of the aquatic device by number of patrons.

7. The manufacturer's recommended staffing requirement, if there is one, which shall constitute the minimum staffing level.

(B) Procedures for the control of patron movement along the entire pathway of travel from point of aquatic device entry to point of aquatic device exit.

(C) Procedures for controlling the intervals of time separating each patron's or patron group's slide down the flume.

(D) A requirement to supervise all visible portions of the flumes of the water slide.

(E) Procedures for maintaining order among patrons in the splash pool and the splash pool area and for mitigating any patron behavior having the potential to constitute a safety hazard.

(F) Procedures for maintaining water quality within each aquatic device so that water will not pose a substantial health risk to patrons who may reasonably be expected to ingest it or otherwise be exposed to it.

(b) At all times that the aquatic device is in operation with patrons present, the owner or operator shall maintain staffing levels in compliance with the written operational instructions required by subsection (a)(2)(A) of this section. In addition, the owner or operator shall ensure that the following requirements are met:

(1) At least one attendant shall be located in the immediate vicinity of the water slide splash pool.

(2) Current certification to perform first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by the American Red Cross or another nationally recognized organization shall be held by all personnel who:

(A) Supervise patrons at aquatic devices; or

(B) Interact with patrons for the purpose of controlling their usage of or movement through aquatic devices.

(3) Each of the first aid and CPR certified personnel shall have immediate access to first aid and CPR supplies that meet the requirements of Section 3400.

(c) The surfaces and edges of the aquatic device that patrons may contact shall be free from cutting or pinching hazards or any other hazards that may cause injury.

(d) If power is used to generate water movement for an aquatic device, at least one attendant shall have immediate access to a stopping device that will remove all power.

(e) Drains on aquatic devices shall be visible to at least one attendant.

(f) Entrances to and exits from aquatic devices shall be clearly marked.

(g) Areas of ingress to and egress from aquatic devices, as well as walking surfaces in or on aquatic devices, shall be designed and maintained to drain standing water and to be slip resistant.


Authority cited: Sections 142.3 and 7923, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 142.3 and 7923, Labor Code.


1. New section filed 6-12-2003; operative 7-12-2003 (Register 2003, No. 24).

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