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Subchapter 6. Elevator Safety Orders
Article 12.3. Special Purpose Personnel Elevators
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§3085. Special Purpose Personnel Elevators.

(a) Scope: This Article applies to elevators permanently installed in a wide variety of structures and locations to provide vertical transportation of authorized personnel and their tools and equipment only. Such elevators are typically installed in structures such as grain elevators, radio antenna and bridge towers, underground facilities, dams, power plants, moving and stationary cranes, derricks and similar structures where, by reason of their limited use and the types of construction of the structures served, full compliance with Articles 7 and 8 is not practical or necessary.

(b) Nonguided or wire-rope guided hoists are prohibited except that wire-rope guided special purpose personnel elevators may be used in chimney and stack type construction provided the elevator is: (1) Designed by a civil or mechanical engineer registered in California; (2) The elevator is erected under the supervision of a qualified engineer; (3) The engineering design and calculations have been approved by the Division prior to installations and (4) A valid operating permit has been issued by the Division prior to use of the elevator.

(c) Elevators in manholes or similar difficult structures, which do not fully comply with this Article, may be installed provided the four conditions listed in subsection 3085(b) are met.

(d) This article applies to new and existing special purpose personnel elevators.

Exception to subsection 3085(d): special purpose personnel elevators previously allowed by variance.

NOTE: Numbers indicated in brackets following an order refer to the corresponding ANSI A17.1-1981 rule number.

(Title 24, Part 7, Section 7-3085)

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Renumbering of former Article 12.3 (Section 3088) to Article 12.6 and new Article 12.3 (Sections 3085-3085.22) filed 6-9-86; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 86, No. 24).

2. Editorial correction of subsection (b) (Register 95, No. 34).

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