Cal/OSHA - Title 8 regulations - Index - Search Tips

Instructions for Searching the Index

You may search for single words, multiple words using "and", "or" and "not", phrases, and partial words, in only the main index entries, or in the full index entry. Capitalization is ignored.

To search for a single word, type just the word in the search field:

To search for multiple words, type the words in the search field and include between each word exactly one of the operators, and, or or and not. You may use parentheses:
asbestos and (laundering or clothing) and not operations

To search for an exact phrase, type the phrase in quotation marks:
"fall protection"

To search for partial words (word stems or prefixes), enclose the partial word in quotations and append an asterisk:

Note that you may not prepend the asterisk:
yields no results.

You may combine all methods above:
"fall protec*" and ("plat*" or "load*") and not device

Please note that a simple search for singular or plural forms of a word will not find the other - only the exact word is found:
fall vs. falls

However, you can find most plural forms by using the partial word search:
or all plurals by including both forms in parentheses separated by "or":
(emergency or emergencies)