OSIP Newsline
Newsline No. 04-12
June 18, 2012


OSIP streamlines testing for claims administrators

Sacramento—The California Department of Industrial Relations’ (DIR) Office of Self Insurance Plans (OSIP) has selected PSI Services LLC (PSI) to provide claims adjuster testing services under a two-year contract beginning July 1. Every individual that makes decisions on the reserving of workers’ compensation case files is required to pass a test and possess a Certificate to Administer issued by OSIP. This certification is essential, and in many instances required by employers in order to obtain employment and professional career advancement.

This new system streamlines the testing process by allowing individuals to schedule the certification examination any time throughout the year at any one of PSI’s 15 convenient locations throughout the State. Upon successfully completing the examination, the candidate will receive their certificate and be ready to work immediately upon passing the exam.

“We are excited to offer improved Certificate to Administer testing and certification services that fit the schedule and geographic demands of our customers.” said Jon Wroten, chief of OSIP. “This will enable individuals needing the Certificate in order to obtain employment or qualify for a promotion to test for certification on their terms. It additionally benefits self-insured administrators that need to quickly hire additional certified staff. This is another example of government becoming more efficient and working to meet the needs of its customers.”

Under the old system, the test was only administered two times each year, and only at two locations in the State, one North and one South. This created delays of up to six months for a candidate to become certified, and required substantial travel to one of the two testing sites creating added cost and inconvenience to candidates.

Under the old process each applicant would pay a testing fee to the vendor of $150 with the State guaranteeing and paying the difference up to a minimum annual cost of $60,000 for the test administration. Under the new contract, there is no cost to the State and candidates will pay a reduced testing fee of $120, creating savings for both parties.

OSIP’s website can be accessed at http://www.dir.ca.gov/sip/sip.html.

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