Executive Summary

Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board

Summary of Sheffield Furniture Corporation – decision after reconsideration

At hearing on the subject citations, employer waived all issues except its claim for penalty relief due to financial hardship. Citing its precedent in Stockton TRI Industries, Inc., (Cal/OSHA App. 02-4946) the Appeals Board found employer had established financial hardship which had forced it permanently to close the business, and had abated the alleged violations before doing so. Accordingly the Board further held that imposing a penalty on employer would serve only punitive purposes, which is not the intent of the California Occupation Safety and Health Act (Labor Code section 6300 and following). Sheffield Furniture Corporation, 00-1322 June 8, 2006

Sheffield Furniture Corporation, 00-1322 (MS Word)
Sheffield Furniture Corporation, 00-1322 (Adobe Acrobat)

June 8, 2006