Summary of California Box II – Decision After Reconsideration

Employer manufactures and labels corrugated cardboard boxes using a printing press with running rolls. An employee simultaneously activated the printer in jog mode while cleaning the roller. The rollers advanced, pulling the rag and his hand into the pinch point, causing a serious hand injury. As a result, Employer was cited for a serious violation of section 3314(a) [stopping and de-energizing machinery during cleaning]. The Board found that section 3314(a) is applicable and the Division established a violation of the safety order. Section 3314(a) applies when there is a failure to provide employees with extension tools to use to do the cleaning and with training to use the tools. The Board also found that Employer did not prove that it neither knew of the violation nor could have known of it by exercising reasonable diligence. The violation was properly classified as serious since it was substantially probable that an employee could get a hand caught in the rollers while in the cleaning operation. The violation is established and Employer's appeal denied.

California Box II, 01-924 (MS Word)
California Box II, 01-924 (Adobe Acrobat)

July 21, 2003