Materials Recovery Facility Worker
Wage and Benefit Survey
Los Angeles County

The Department of Industrial Relations in response to Kaanaana v. Barrett Business Services, Inc., is conducting a wage and benefit survey. The California Supreme Court ruled that an employer performing work under contract with the Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 2 was required to pay prevailing wages to belt sorters at district owned materials recovery and recycling facilities. The Court found this type of work was covered by prevailing wage law when performed for “irrigation, utility, reclamation, and improvement districts, and other districts of this type” pursuant to Labor Code Section 1720(a)(2). 

If you are an entity that performs sorting of recyclable material at materials recovery, recycling or similar facilities (public or private) in Los Angeles County and you have performed this work during the period of September 17, 2020 through September 16, 2021, we are collecting information through a wage and benefit questionnaire which will assist us in determining the prevailing wage rate for the craft of Materials Recovery Facility Worker.

If you are an employer who performed work that matches the above description and would like to receive a copy of the survey questionnaire, then please provide your employer name and mailing address to the Office of the Director – Research Unit at We can also provide a more detailed description of the work in question. Upon receipt of this information, we will mail you a copy of the questionnaire.

Please complete and return the questionnaire to the Office of the Director – Research Unit no later than December 17, 2021. Please be advised that the information you provide will be used for statistical purposes only and will be kept confidential to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

Electronic Questionnaire Table

If you wish to receive an electronic version of the questionnaire table, please email with your request and include your survey ID for verification.


November 2021