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Issue 33 July 28, 2011

Welcome to EAMS Insider, the newsletter about the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS).

The Division of Workers’ Compensation fields many questions from injured workers, employers, attorneys, insurers, lien claimants, and others about the new system. This newsletter was created to answer those questions and share information. Every month, EAMS Insider will provide information on new developments and what to expect during this transition. Bulletins will also be sent to subscribers for important announcements. (Sign up to be a subscriber at EAMS@dir.ca.gov.)

EAMS updates

Are you still filing paper documents with the Division of Workers’ Compensation? Are you looking for a faster, easier and more cost effective way to get your documents into EAMS?

If so, make plans to attend the Electronic Filing Expo on Friday, July 29, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the DWC Los Angeles district office. If you’ve been thinking about “joining the E-Team,” this is the best way to make that transition.

The E Filing Expo will show you the benefits of electronic filing, and the two methods available:

  • JET File, which is designed for large-volume filers
  • E-forms, which is best for small- to medium-volume filers

There will be a walkthrough of JET File and E-forms and its benefits for filers. If you are unsure which method is suited for you, DWC experts from the technical and business sides will be available to help.

Also on hand will be approved vendors who can demonstrate and answer questions about software products and third party filing services. Buying software will allow you to file on your own behalf, while a third party will do the filing for you. Both methods allow filers to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of electronic filing. You will be able to sign up for electronic filing on the spot.

Those filers who are interested in building their own transmission method to utilize JET File can start the process by consulting with DWC experts.

The program will repeat throughout the four hours, so it is not necessary to get there right at 10 a.m. to follow the proceedings. Just to add some fun, there will be a drawing for prizes and refreshments available.

There is no charge to attend the E Filing Expo. You don’t need to register, either. Just bring yourself and anyone else from your office that wants to learn how to file the fast and easy way.

The Expo will be in the Carmel room on the ground floor of the Junipero Serra State Office Building, 320 W. 4th St., Los Angeles. There is parking across the street and within easy walking distance. (Please note that charges for parking in the area vary.)

Hope to see you there! For those outside the Los Angeles area or who are unable to attend, send an email to EAMS@dir.ca.gov and let us know if you are interested in attending an E Filing Expo in your city.

Other updates

Rosa Moran (left) is sworn in by Department of Industrial Relations Acting Director Christine Baker
Rosa Moran (left) is sworn in by Department of Industrial Relations Acting Director Christine Baker

Rosa Moran was sworn in as DWC’s new administrative director on July 25 after she was appointed by Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. on July 19. Moran has been an administrative law judge with the division’s Oakland office the past six years, and spent 15 years before that as a workers’ compensation attorney. She will oversee a staff of more than 1,000 employees and a budget of $155 million. Please join us in welcoming her and wishing her the best in her new duties.

Web site changes

If you haven’t yet seen the JET File Web page, you can get to it from the DWC home page at www.dwc.ca.gov by clicking on the JET File logo on the right side of the page. You can also access it from the EAMS page by clicking on JET File under “working in EAMS.”

The JET File page has a wealth of information, from the general to the technical. You can view a video, download a brochure, and see a list of approved vendors.  Coming soon: JET File FAQs.

E-forms trial update

If you’re interested in joining the e-forms trial, here are some tips for a successful application process:

  • Print out the e-forms trial agreement, fill it out and sign it, and then scan it before sending it to cru@dir.ca.gov. There is a waiting list, so allow up to two months to start e-filing.        
  • Fill out the application completely and legibly. Don’t leave spaces blank—if you aren’t sure how to answer, email EAMS@dir.ca.gov for clarification. And if the form is not readable, it will be returned to you.
  • Select an administrator in your office who will be DWC’s contact, and who will be responsible for following and enforcing the filing policies. Also select an alternate administrator.
  • Once you are accepted into the e-forms trial, make sure you participate in the mandatory webinar training. The webinar is typically scheduled on a Friday morning and lasts for two to three hours. Invite everyone in your office that you want to file to attend. Invitation to the webinar will come in an email, and if you do not participate, you will not be issued a logon and password to e-file even if your application was accepted. If you miss the webinar you will have to wait for the next one, which may take up to two months.

EAMS blog

Judge Colleen Casey offers tips for QME compliance in her latest blog. 

EAMS Insider is published every month by the DWC Communications Office. It can also be found on the division’s Web site at www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/EAMS. Questions? Comments? Story ideas? Email EAMS@dir.ca.gov

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