Bulletin 97-14
September 23, 1997

Anaheim Office to Remain Open

The Anaheim district office, which had been scheduled to close on Jan. 31, 1998, will remain open, the Division of Workers' Compensation has announced.

"We are very pleased that we were able to negotiate a new lease with the landlord of this property with more favorable terms that will allow us to keep this office open," said DWC Administrative Director Casey L. Young.

A review of all of DWC's facilities costs was conducted about a year ago, Young said, after it became apparent that too much of the division's overall budget was devoted to operational expenditures, thereby decreasing the amount of funds available for filling vacant positions and for staff training. As a result of that review, a new facilities plan was announced which called for relocating some offices into less expensive quarters and closing several others where the staff and workload could be redistributed to other nearby facilities with little, if any, adverse impact on services provided to the public.

Pasadena was closed in January 1997 and Anaheim was scheduled to be closed next January. The Norwalk and Agoura offices had been closed earlier.

"With these favorable lease terms, the Anaheim closure will no longer be necessary," Young said, noting that the new lease will extend to July 31, 2002.

This decision completes the facilities plan, and no further relocations or closures are planned for the foreseeable future, he said, meaning that the division will continue to have a total of 26 district and three regional offices.

The Anaheim office is located at 1661 N. Raymond Ave., Anaheim, CA 92801. The office consists of seven workers' compensation referees, including the presiding referee, and support staff, as well as staff from the DWC Information and Assistance, Disability Evaluation, Audit, and Claims (UEF/SIF) Units.