Bulletin 96-2
March 8, 1996

Judicial Ethics Panel Appointed

A nine-member Ethics Advisory Committee, which will oversee recently adopted regulations setting specific ethical standards for judicial officers within the Division of Workers' Compensation, has been appointed by Casey L. Young, DWC Administrative Director.

"The committee will ensure compliance with the new regulations, which incorporate the standards in the California Code of Judicial Ethics and create additional standards and ethical safeguards covering the types of situations workers' compensation referees face," Young said.

The nine members, representing workers, insurers, defense and applicant attorneys, workers' compensation referees and the general public, include:

Taylor, Contreras, McClain, Mason, and Jackson will serve four-year terms. Hyman, Henning, Markey, and Beauzay will serve two-year terms.

The ethics advisory committee will receive and review complaints regarding the conduct of workers' compensation referees, as well as other DWC employees, to the extent they exercise judicial or quasi-judicial functions. It will send complaints to the administrative director with recommendation to investigate where warranted, monitor the outcome of investigations, and make public reports on the integrity of the adjudicatory process.