Bulletin 95-14
September 1, 995

Workers' Compensation Information System Report

A status report on the development of a Workers' Compensation Information System for the State of California has been forwarded to the Governor, Legislature and interested parties by Administrative Director Casey L. Young.

The report, which includes a study by UC DATA/Survey Research Center entitled "A Workers' Compensation Information System Proposed for the Division of Workers' Compensation," is required by Labor Code Section 138.6, which was enacted as part of the 1993 reforms. It summarizes the work to date on the development of the workers' compensation information system and recommends the basic framework of a proposed system, as well as a method of proceeding to complete the development process.

In a cover letter to the report, Young also said that he would soon be appointing a Workers' Compensation Information System Advisory Committee to assist in completing the development of the system. Young will chair the committee and is looking for members representing a broad representation of the workers' compensation community.

"I look forward to working with all interested parties over the next few years to construct an information system that will provide policy makers and others the information needed to make better informed decisions concerning the multi-billion dollar California workers' compensation system," he said.

Note: Attached is a copy of the status report, including the executive summary of the UC Data/Survey Research Center report.