Bulletin No. 012-03
October 10, 2003

New Policy and Procedure Manual Now in Effect

The 2003 revision of the DWC/WCAB Policy and Procedure Manual is now complete and operative as of Oct. 6, 2003. All prior versions and sections are rescinded as of that date and should be discarded. The new Policy and Procedure Manual has been distributed electronically to all district offices statewide and may be accessed online at http://www.dir.ca.gov/WCAB/WCAB_Policy_ProcedureManual/WCABPolicy_ProcedureIndex.html.

The new P&P manual, which provides guidance to DWC/WCAB staff, is the work of a 12 member revision committee headed by Merle Rabine, chairman of the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. The project manager was Richard Newman, workers' compensation administrative law judge in the San Francisco district office, who was the primary drafter of the new and revised sections.

Although all sections are now final and operative, the manual is a living document and appropriate additional topics may be added at any time. The committee will entertain suggestions for future additions, which should be forwarded to: Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, P.O. Box 429459, San Francisco, CA 94142-9459.