Bulletin No. 05-03
May 7, 2003

Vocational rehabilitation cases in Santa Rosa will be transferred to other offices

Effective immediately, the Santa Rosa District Office will no longer handle vocational rehabilitation cases. All current cases will be transferred to either the Redding, Sacramento, Oakland, or San Francisco offices. Two of the offices have multiple consultants. In Sacramento, James Stafford will handle A-J and Charles Donaldson will handle K-Z. In Oakland, Bob Lytel will handle A-M and Bruce St. Cyr will handle N-Z. All new cases that formerly would have been housed in Santa Rosa should now go to one of the four offices. A venue list by zip code for the four offices is attached. All out of state cases should be referred to Oakland.

The move was necessitated by the state's current budget deficit and reduction in staff. For the past 18 months, staff from other offices have had to travel to Santa Rosa to handle the caseload there. Budget negotiations are now underway in Sacramento for the 2003-2004 fiscal year budget, and it has become clear that DWC's budget picture will not improve significantly in the near term future. With lack of clerical support and a reduction in the number of Rehabilitation Unit consultants, we have been forced to consider all possible ways to maximize our resources. I have determined that the division could work far more effectively and that it would be more cost effective to transfer the Santa Rosa caseload to other district offices.