Bulletin 95-3

March 8, 1995

DWC District Office Changes

The Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) will be making some changes in the size and location of some of its local offices over the next several months in an attempt to respond to the changing workload.

A new local office will be opened in Riverside. This office should relieve the pressure on the current San Bernadino office as a result of the population and employment growth in the Inland Empire. The new office will be located in the new State Office Building, which is nearing completion at 2727 Main Street in the City of Riverside. This office will initially have five judicial officers and supporting staff, as well as an Information and Assistance Officer and a Disability Evaluation Consultant.

In addition, space is being acquired to expand the existing local offices in Fresno and Stockton, two other offices which are experiencing a rapidly expanding caseload. Both of these offices will also have five judicial officers and supporting staff once the necessary space is acquired.

The Agoura Hills office, on the other hand, will be closed this summer. This office was expected to take the pressure off the very busy Van Nuys office. Shortly after it was opened, however, statutory changes effectively prohibited DWC from directing cases from one office to another within the county. Unfortunately, this office was never given a chance to fulfill its intended purpose.

The Agoura Hills staff will be transferred to the Ventura and Van Nuys offices, which are both only about 30 miles from Agoura Hills. The existing space in Ventura and Van Nuys is adequate to house the transferred Agoura Hills staff.

This rearrangement is part of DWC's ongoing effort to provide improved service to the public and make more efficient use of the available resources.