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November 30, 2011  

Division of Workers' Compensation opening JET File to more users

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is making it easier than ever for paper filers to switch to electronic filing.

The division, which has offered e-form filing since 2008, expanded its electronic options in June by launching JET File, which lets large-volume paper filers file multiple documents in one transaction. The division is now encouraging smaller-volume filers—whether claims administrators, representatives, lien claimants, or self-insured employers—to use JET File as well.

JET File was originally limited to parties with annual filing of 100 or more of any of the six most common court forms: application for adjudication of claim, declaration of readiness to proceed (to hearing), declaration of readiness to proceed (to expedited trial), compromise and release, stipulations with request for award, and notice and request for allowance of lien. Filers use any of three methods: third-party service, approved vendor software, or by building a transmission pipeline using DWC’s technical specifications.

On Dec.1, those rules will change to the following:

“I believe that the best part of JET Filing is the ability to auto-populate the DWC forms from your own case management software,” said Mark Fudem, acting associate chief judge for EAMS. “It is reliable and fast.”

Electronic filing is the fastest way to get documents into EAMS, the division’s electronic case management system for the workers’ compensation courts. Filers can choose between JET File for large volume filers, and e-forms, which are best suited for small- to medium-volume filers. While both methods have distinct advantages, JET File is currently limited to the six court forms listed above. E-forms filers have access to all forms.
Electronic filing offers benefits for the workers’ compensation courts at large, because it cuts down on the amount of paper being filed, making the courts more efficient and allowing cases to move faster.

The division worked with stakeholders and external partners on the JET File project. A list of approved JET File vendors offering software and transmission methods can be found on the DWC Web site.

Benefits of JET File:

Want to know more about electronic filing with DWC? JET File and e-filing resources are available on the web at