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August 18, 2011  

Division of Workers' Compensation schedules JET File transmission code testing in September and November

Developers whose JET File transmission code is ready for validation encouraged to apply

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has scheduled two transmission code validation testing sessions for JET File in September and November and posted a new Web page with information for JET File developers on its Web site.

The transmission code validation testing sessions are for prospective JET Filers who have built a transmission method for their organization’s use, software vendors who have developed products for case participants, and parties that will act as third party filers on behalf of clients. Current trading partners and software vendors who want to change their currently validated code can also use this opportunity to test the code being changed.

“I’m looking forward to having more products available for JET File following validation,” said DWC Administrative Director Rosa Moran. “Electronic filing is the way of the future. JET Filers bypass paper at district offices, getting documents in quickly and getting immediate electronic responses. Why wait for your case number in the mail when you could get it immediately through JET File after successfully filing an application? JET File will really help us resolve cases more efficiently and streamline the workers’ compensation court system.”

Each testing session will last two weeks. The schedule is:

Monday, Sept. 12 through Friday, Sept. 23 (no testing on the weekend of 17-18)
Friday, Nov. 4 through Friday, Nov. 18 (no testing on the weekends of 5-6 and 12-13)

JET File allows electronic filing of multiple court forms and attachments in a single transmission by secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). Those who develop JET File transmission code using technical specifications published by DWC must test that code to validate the data can be received by State of California servers, where it is picked up by the division and deposited into the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS). The validation sessions currently scheduled are for those whose code is fully developed and needs to be validated by DWC before use. Validation testing will continue in 2012, so those developing JET File code now will have ample opportunity to validate that code in the future.

Requests to participate in transmission code validation testing must be submitted to no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 29 (for September’s session) and Monday, Oct. 24 (for November’s session). Requestors should carefully review the information posted on the JET File developers’ Web page and follow the instructions on that page to submit an application to test JET File transmission code.

The validation will take place at DWC headquarters in Oakland, but the test files will be sent from the submitter’s location. Periodic phone conferences will be held as needed.

Requestors will receive a daily testing schedule as well as a mandatory data sheet to be used for all validation. Parties validating JET File code for the first time for any form must successfully submit at least six of each of the JET File forms they develop for filing per the schedule set by DWC. The following categories of forms may be tested:

Parties that do not test for all six forms are limited to filing only those forms for which their software has been validated. All parties who will actually do the filing following validation must also fill out and submit the Excel spreadsheet portion of the trading partner agreement.

JET File was launched on June 27, and six vendors are currently listed as approved vendors. More information on electronic filing, including JET File and e-forms, can be found on the e-team Web site.