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July 21, 2011  

Division of Workers' Compensation public info case search tool will be offline for half-hour period on Friday

The Division of Workers’ Compensation will take its public information case search tool offline briefly Friday to make an adjustment to the application. The search tool, which is housed on DWC’s Web site, will be unavailable from noon until 12:30 on Friday, July 22.

During that 30-minute period, the Web page will state that the search function is not available. The rest of the DWC Web site will remain accessible.

The division launched the public information case search tool in December 2010 in response to feedback from system participants about what would help them keep cases moving through the system. Once users have identified themselves and the reason for making the request, the tool allows them to get basic information, such as the official address record, case number, date of injury, hearing information and venue, as well as case participants and certain case events. Case documents and confidential information, such as an injured worker’s address and Social Security number, are not provided.

The search tool was one of the top requests of external users, who worked with the division to craft its parameters. Another priority for external users was increased ability to file electronically. The DWC’s newest electronic filing tool, JET File, went live June 27. Now external users have two ways to join the e-team: JET File or e-forms. To learn more about these two methods of electronic filing, and to help determine which method is best for a particular business model, visit the e-team Web site.