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May 4, 2011  

DWC removes old general public search tool from EAMS Web site
Newer public information case search function remains available

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has removed a general public search tool for workers’ compensation cases from the EAMS Web page that was made largely redundant with the debut of a newer public information case search tool last December.

“We built a better search tool that has more functionality for case participants,” said DWC Court Administrator Keven Star. “Those searching for information about workers’ compensation cases are using the new tool, and there has been some confusion about which tool is the ‘right one’ to use. We also have the ability to add functionality to the new tool in the future, if that’s needed.”

The now-retired general public search tool was the first searchable database tool for EAMS that was designed for external users, following the electronic system’s debut in August 2008. The tool‘s usefulness was limited, however, because it only showed the status of active cases on which a judge was doing some work. The tool also worked on an “exact match” basis, wherein search criteria had to match precisely to get a return.

In contrast, the public information case search tool shows all cases, including archived cases. It also allows for easier searches that don’t require an exact match.
The link to the general public search tool has been removed from EAMS Web pages of the DWC site. Users who want to search for information about disputed workers’ compensation cases can use the workers’ compensation court public information case search link under “Searches” on the EAMS home page.

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