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March 23, 2011  

DWC readies launch of new electronic filing method JET File

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is preparing to launch a new electronic filing method, JET File, that will make it easier than ever for paper filers to become e-filers and “join the E Team.”

Electronic filing is the fastest way to get documents into EAMS, DWC’s electronic case management system for the workers’ compensation courts. Starting in May, filers will be able to choose between two electronic methods: e-forms or JET File.

While e-forms have been available for nearly three years, it is best suited for small to medium offices. Larger-volume filers sought a method to allow them to send multiple files in one transaction. JET File will allow them to do just that through secure file transfer protocol, or SFTP.  New tools on the DWC Web site show how JET File will work, and how filers can choose to build their own transmission method, purchase specially developed vendor software, or use the services of a third party vendor.

 “EAMS has come a long way since it launched in 2008, and at any given time there are at least 200 users logged into the system and successfully submitting documents or retrieving case information,” said Court Administrator Keven Star. “But a lot of filers have yet to file directly into the electronic environment. We want to change that, because more and more this will be the way the court’s business is done. And once people try electronic filing, chances are they’ll wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.”

A video breaks down the differences between the methods and lists the benefits for each. The DWC Web site also has instructions on how to sign up for e-forms or JET File, and other valuable resources.

JET File is being built in conjunction with external users as part of the present term solution (PTS). The other part of the PTS, a new public information case search tool, was launched in December 2010 to wide acclaim.

For more information, see  or email Large volume filers are encouraged to contact DWC for information about JET File.