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January 27, 2011  

Division of Workers' Compensation posts two annual reports to its Web site

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has posted two annual reports to its Web site. The Audit Unit’s annual report and the ethics advisory committee's annual report are now available on line.

The Audit Unit’s 2010 annual report provides information on how claims administrators audited by the DWC in 2009 performed and includes a ranking report. The report details the results of 53 audits conducted in 2009 and provides a statewide listing of all audits conducted, together with analyses of cited violations and compensation found due and unpaid to injured workers. Performance ratings, cited violations and compensation due are also detailed in exhibits for the individual audits. The report includes the administrative director’s ranking report, which lists all claims administrators audited during 2009 according to their performance.

The workers' compensation ethics advisory committee (EAC) is a state committee independent from the DWC that is charged with reviewing and monitoring complaints of misconduct filed against workers' compensation administrative law judges (WCALJs). As civil servants, WCALJs are not subject to review by the California Commission on Judicial Performance, the agency responsible for investigating misconduct complaints of judges serving on Appellate and Superior courts. The EAC's authority and duties are set forth in Title 8, California Code of Regulations, sections 9720.1 through 9723. The committee meets regularly to review complaints of judicial misconduct and to recommend to the DWC court administrator if a complaint warrants a formal investigation by the court administrator or administrative director's staff.

The EAC’s 2009 annual report contains a description of complaints and actions taken.