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December 21, 2010  

Division of Workers' Compensation launches new public information case search tool on Web site
Tool provides users of the workers' compensation court system with vital information to keep cases moving through the system

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has launched a new public information case search tool on its Web site that allows users of the workers’ compensation court system to get vital information they need to keep cases moving through the system. Users can now get basic information, such as the official address record, on line without logging onto the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS).

“This will result in more public case information being available with fewer keystrokes,” said DWC Court Administrator Keven Star. “This tool minimizes time expended by parties wanting to know the status of a case or who to serve.”

Through this new tool, crafted in conjunction with external users as part of the present term solution (PTS), users can search for public information on all adjudication cases. To search for public case information the user must identify themselves and the reason for making the request. Once that is done the user can search using the EAMS case number or injured worker name.

“This is a hugely useful tool for the workers' comp community. It’s very functional and easy to use!” says Carolyn McPherson of Chernow and Lieb, a Division of Zenith Insurance Company and a member of the EAMS external user advisory group.

Public information about cases, including case number, date of injury, assigned judge and venue are returned on a search. Users can also get hearing information, including the next hearing date and time (if a hearing is scheduled in the future), hearing type and location. Users can view the case participants and certain case events, including when settlement documents were filed.

Jose Gonzalez of eCandidus, another member of the external user advisory group, says, “The ability to access key case filing information, in a quick and efficient way, is another step in enhancing the efficiency of all involved in the workers’ compensation process. With information available in an easy to use method, data validity increases by a good factor, minimizing errors in the filing process and decreasing the overall time a case is outstanding.”

Some information, such as the injured worker’s address and Social Security number, will remain confidential and no case documents are accessible through this search.  

This new public information case search tool can be found on the EAMS Web site under “what’s new,” “searches” and on the bulk filers’ page.

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