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December 15, 2010  

Division of Workers' Compensation posts updated text only versions of fact sheets
30 day grace period for use of new fact sheets also applies

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) recently posted a series of updated fact sheets for injured workers on its Web site and has now added "text only" versions. Only the text is required for compliance.  The division is providing a 30-day grace period from Dec. 17 to use the revised fact sheets to allow sufficient time to implement the changes.

The updated fact sheets provide injured workers with answers to frequently asked questions about issues affecting their benefits. The primary change to these fact sheets was to put them into a graphic format. Other minor changes to the text include the following general changes:

Specific changes to fact sheets:

No changes—outside the general changes listed above—were made to the substance of the qualified medical evaluator (QME) fact sheet, the temporary disability (TD) fact sheet or the permanent disability (PD) fact sheet.

The updated fact sheets, including the text only versions, are available in English and Spanish and can be found on the I&A Unit Web page.