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November 1, 2010  

DWC launches lien pleadings Web page

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has posted a new lien pleadings page to its Web site at

The new Web page will collect all of the pleadings received by the division regarding three separate lien consolidation conferences at the Los Angeles district office. The October conferences discussed possible consolidation and possible stay of lien proceedings regarding compound pharmacy liens, interpreter liens and durable medical goods liens. Because so many involved persons will submit pleadings, the Web page was created as a forum to allow any interested party to read the pleadings and respond.

Each type of lien has its own section on the lien pleadings Web page, which includes directions on where and how to submit the appropriate pleadings. The page also includes dates for follow-up meetings for each type of lien at the Los Angeles district office.

For further information on the lien conferences, see the Aug. 30 and Sept. 21 newslines.