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July 26, 2010


Division of Workers' Compensation makes changes to select EAMS forms

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has made changes to several of its forms that filers use in the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS). The new forms will be posted on DWC’s EAMS Web site on August 2.

The changes include the following:

The updated forms were approved June 30 by the Office of Administrative Law.

DWC will post the new versions of the above named forms on its Web site on August 2 and encourages all filers to immediately use the new forms. However, to allow time for the transition, old versions of these three OCR forms will be accepted for a limited time at district offices.

Participants in the e-forms trial will also have updated forms and will begin using them immediately on August 2.

DWC is working with OCR forms vendors to ensure that their forms are in compliance with the changes.

The amended listing of document titles and document types formalizes changes that had been made previously but had not yet been approved by the Office of Administrative Law. For instance, when the Grover Beach district office closed and moved to San Luis Obispo, the change was reflected in the venue selections.

Here is the complete list of added and deleted titles:

Added titles    
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Appeal of Determination of A.D.-Other
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Appeal of Determination of A.D.-RSU
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Notice of Offer of Regular Work
ADJ LEGAL DOCS 10770.5 Verification
ADJ LEGAL DOCS 10770.6 Verification
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Answer to S & W
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Change of Handling Location
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Points and Authorities (adds Trial Brief-Hearing Brief to the existing title)
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Notice of Permanent Disability Benefits
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Petition for Finding of Fact
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Petition to Change Administrator of Award
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Proposed Order/Award
ADJ MISC Settlement Offer Letter
ADJ MEDICAL DOCS Treating Physician
ADJ LEGAL DOCS Venue Verification
DEU MISC Proof of Service
INT MISC I & A Conference Appointment Notice
INT MISC Request to I & A for Conference
RSU DWC-AD forms Objection – Other
Deleted titles    
ADJ Legal Appeal of Determination of Rehabilitation Unit External
VOC   All of the Voc rehab doc titles External

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