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July 29, 2009

Division of Workers' Compensation posts ZIP code locator

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has posted a new ZIP code locator tool on its DWC Web site at

“This is a tool we’ve been asked about for some time and have wanted to make available to folks seeking our services,” says DWC acting Deputy Administrative Director Destie Overpeck. “We often get calls from injured workers and claims adjusters asking where to file court documents. This will allow them to find the right district office immediately!”

The ZIP code locator can be accessed from the DWC home page by clicking on “find a DWC office” under the “I want to” section in the left navigation pane. It can also be accessed from the injured worker, claims administrator and attorney-specific pages of the DWC’s Web site.

The ZIP code locator is based on adjudication venue, so it will be helpful when looking up a district office at which to file adjudication documents. Disability Evaluation Unit (DEU) offices don’t all align with the adjudication ZIP code locator, so those seeking information on where to file DEU documents should use the information on the DEU page. Those seeking contact information for other units beyond claims adjudication can find it on the DWC’s contact us page, or by clicking the link to the specific unit from the DWC home page.