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July 22, 2009

Division of Workers' Compensation surveys EAMS users

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has created an online survey to ask external parties about their interaction with the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS). The survey is designed to collect feedback from filers regarding the implementation of EAMS, along with information about additional tools users might feel are needed to aid in filing correctly. The division will use the resulting data to create tools to meet stakeholder needs and make additional improvements to the system.

The survey is posted at the following link Access the survey through the link or copy and paste it into your Web browser to answer the questions.

The survey can only be filled out once and will be available until Aug. 31. The survey questions were created in consultation with external users, with the survey itself designed by Gina Garitson of Liberty Mutual. Garitson has been participating on the DWC’s “how to” group—a mix of DWC staff and external users that creates training tools and has conducted training sessions around the state—since August of 2008. The team’s efforts have been instrumental in getting timely and relevant EAMS training tools out to system users.

In addition to benefitting the “how to” group, the survey results will benefit the EAMS Access Project team, a working group formed to create a second generation electronic filing method (e-forms are the first generation), which will expand access to EAMS while meeting state requirements for technology projects.

The EAMS Access Project is led by a project manager and includes extensive involvement by external users. The project team is simultaneously gathering electronic filing requirements through its external user working group; working on a stress test for EAMS to find the maximum capacity of the current system; and determining how best to provide access to the system in ways that meet the real needs of external users. External users can expect to see additional surveys with questions targeted to the access project team’s goals in the near future.